Changes to restrictions at Mass

With the recent easing of some restrictions, and as advised by the Bishops in consultation with Public Health England, we can make these slight changes:

We will begin to recite the longer Profession of Faith (The Nicene Creed) at Mass on Sundays once again;

The Intercessions (Bidding Prayers) at Mass on both Sundays and weekdays can now again be read by the Reader, not by the priest or deacon. There is no longer any requirement for the reader or deacon to sanitize their hands before approaching the lectern to read or to preach;

The priest or deacon is still directed to wear a face covering while distributing Holy Communion but there is no requirement for this to be a full-face visor - a simple face covering/mask as worn by everyone else will now suffice. Also the invitation "The Body of Christ" and its response "Amen" may now again be spoken by the minister and each communicant.