With The Catholic Universe, which had served the Catholic community since 1860. ceasing to publish due to lack of support, there are just two Catholic publications now available in England and Wales. Why not take a look at them and maybe even take out a subscription?

The Catholic Herald is published as a monthly magazine and both printed (from £80 annually) and digital (from £45 annually) editions can be subscribed to at

The Tablet is published weekly and both printed (from £30 quarterly) and digital (from £21.50 quarterly) editions can be subscribed to at


If you pay tax on your earnings, or indeed on your pension, then you can join The Gift Aid Scheme if you're not in it already. Gift Aid allows you to maximize any donations you make to the Church so that for every £1 you give, the Tax Man will return a further 25p to us. So if, for example, you are in the habit of contributing £5 a week, then over the course of a year your total offering will be £260.00. But if you are in the Gift Aid Scheme, this would mean a total income of £325.00 to us. We have not yet received Gift Aid income from HMRC for the Tax Year 2015/2016 but in 2014/2015 our two parishes received an additional income because of the Gift Aid Scheme of £6,157 at Holy Family and £6,399 at Sacred Heart. So each 25p certainly does add up! Some people are anxious about the privacy of the scheme. No worries at all! You are assigned an untraceable number and no one except the person who does the Gift Aid recording - not even your Parish Priest - knows which number belongs to which name. And they are sworn to secrecy! We can also gather tax relief on your very generous donations to the Retiring Collections if you use your numbered envelopes, or on any other donations you make to the Church (Mass Offerings, In Remembrance Donations, etc) - just place them in an ordinary envelope and write "Gift Aid" with your Envelope Box Number on the front.Heartfelt thanks to those of you who do already Gift Aid your offerings - as you can see it makes a massive difference to the finances of your parish. And if you are a tax payer but not yet in the Gift-Aid scheme, then please do consider joining. If you would like to begin Gift-Aiding your weekly contributions please contact Elizabeth Fairhurst at Holy Family or just pop a note with your name, address and phone number into the collection basket saying "I want to Gift Aid!" and someone will contact you.


Our Bereavement Support Group meets on the last Saturday of the month at 12.15pm in Holy Family Parish Hall.

If you find it difficult to carry on after the loss of a loved one then why not come along and see if this will help you?

The group is open to all bereaved persons, not just members of our two parishes, so if there is someone you know who may benefit from the support of others why not share this invitation with them.

Phone Mary Marsh on 01942 701091 to find out more.


Under current Data Protection legislation, the Catholic Chaplaincy is not automatically informed of any Catholic patients who are admitted into hospital - either relatives or the patients themselves must ask for a visit by the chaplain. The Catholic Chaplaincy at Wigan Infirmary can be contacted on 01942 822324 and a message left to request a visit from the chaplain. In an emergency, ask the nursing staff to bleep the 24/7 on-call priest.The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick can be celebrated either in church during one of the weekday Masses or else at home before you go into hospital.Contact Father Tony to arrange this.


The Pastoral Formation Team of the Archdiocese of Liverpool have produced a small leaflet offering Ten Top Tips for Supporting People with Dementia.Archbishop Malcolm writes: "Dementia has been around for a long time and as a diocese we have only recently become aware of how much we need to do to make people with dementia and their carers feel welcome in our community."Please do take a copy of the leaflet home with you from church and be aware of how best we can support those who suffer from dementia so that they feel relaxed and at ease.


Do you know of anyone suffering from addiction and needing help? Or are you yourself looking to come off drugs or alcohol and have tried everything? Cenacolo have a great success rate in helping young men and women recover from any addiction, rebuild their lives and find peace and meaning. Meetings are held every Tuesday in Liverpool City Centre from 7.00pm to 9.00pm at The Blessed Sacrament Shrine, 4 Dawson Street, Liverpool, L1 1LE.

Just come along or, if you'd like more information first telephone Margaret on 0151 342 1043 or Mary Holgate on 0151 342 4166 or Mary Conway on 07883 339980 or visit the website at

Catholic Singles is not a dating agency but an organisation which helps single adult Catholics of all ages to meet socially and for friendship either one-to-one or through social events.

More information at

or email


A series of support meetings for Divorced and Separated Catholics started in September 2016. The meetings are open to Catholics and other Christians who are divorced or separated (recently or in the past) or who are experiencing the breakdown of a marriage or a long term relationship. The small groups are informative, affirming, free and confidential and the meetings include information about practical matters and sources of help, as well as the opportunity to receive support from Catholics in a similar situation.

For more information about the dates and venue of the meetings or to book a place on them please contact Frances Trotman 0151 727 2195.

Other general enquiries about support with Family Life issues can be directed to Maureen O'Brien, Marriage and Family Life Coordinator, on 0151 522 1044 or email her at

Foundation Governors in Catholic Schools

Have you ever thought about being a foundation governor in a Catholic school?Within the Archdiocese of Liverpool, there is a need for over 1,600 practising Catholics to support and share in the leadership of all our Catholic schools. At any one time, there are approximately 100 vacancies, some of which can be hard to fill.

If you are interested in learning more about how to serve the Church in this way, there is further information, including an application form, on the Archdiocesan website at

Alternatively you can telephone Fran Coldicutt at LACE on 0151 522 1071.


The Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies (CCRS) is designed for people who are engaged in the communication of their Catholic Faith, whether directly or indirectly. It is open to catechists, people involved in liturgical work and other interested adults. The CCRS can provide general theological knowledge and offer a better understanding of the Catholic faith. It will help participants to increase their practical application of the faith in their ministry in the Church. It provides the means to accurately and effectively communicate the principles of Catholic teaching.

For more details about the course, start dates, fees and your nearest centre visit the CCRS Website at or 0207 901 1900