All Catholics, once they have reached the age of reason, are bound under serious sin to be present at the whole of Mass every Sunday and on every Holy Day of Obligation. Deliberately to miss Mass on a Sunday or a Holy Day of Obligation is a serious sin which is forgiven in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The obligation to be present at the whole of Mass on Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation ceases where there is personal illness, when one has to care for a sick or frail person, and when one is impeded, e.g., by travelling.

In England and Wales the Holy Days of Obligation which are not transfer automatically to the nearest Sunday are as follows:

  • Saints Peter & Paul (29th June)
  • The Assumption (15th August)
  • All Saints (1st November)
  • The Nativity (25th December)


To request a Mass to be celebrated for your intentions, some specially printed envelopes for this purpose are available from the back of each church or from the sacristy. Please indicate any special date requested and if you have any preference for which church you would wish the Mass to be celebrated at. If you are also a taxpayer please complete the extra Gift Aid declaration on the back of the envelope so that your parish can reclaim from the Inland Revenue the amount of tax you have paid on your offering (or if you are a tax-payer who uses the weekly offertory envelopes then just write your envelope number clearly on the front of the Mass Intention envelope).


You can visit on-line over 70 Catholic churches in Ireland and the United Kingdom which broadcasts the celebration daily Mass at various hours of the day and evening - maybe useful for any Catholics who are housebound or in hospital and who cannot themselves be physically present at Mass. The website is based in Ireland and is free to use. Visit