Our Faith

The Catholic faith is the body of belief held by Catholics. It has been revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God who leaves it for us as our means of salvation.


Sycamore (named after the kind of tree which the Gospel according to Luke says that Zacchaeus climbed to get a better glimpse of Jesus) is a new initiative presented by Father Stephen Wang, a priest of the Archdiocese of Westminster, to be used as a support tool for evangelisation and growth in faith. They are designed primarily for use in parish-led and schoolbased discussion groups, and we do hope to use them for that purpose in our parishes in the near future. The course includes ten films about various areas of faith and life, which can either be viewed online or downloaded to a PC, and can just as easily be used by an individual for home faith study or as a home retreat. Each film lasts just twenty or thirty minutes and covers and can be viewed or downloaded at www.sycamore.fm

Film 1: The search for happiness.
Film 2: Does God exist?
Film 3: Who is Jesus Christ?
Film 4: The Holy Spirit in our lives.
Film 5: Why do we need the Church?
Film 6: Can we trust the Bible and Christian Tradition?
Film 7: The gift of faith.
Film 8: The power of prayer.
Film 9: The meaning of love.
Film 10: How do I discover the purpose of my life?


Hundreds of talks about the Catholic Faith, Spirituality and Christian Theology have now been made available free online. The 800 recordings of course-talks, which reflect the legacy of the Second Vatican Council and were given at the Upholland Northern Institute between 1975 and 1988, have been digitised by Liverpool University and now made public. Subjects include the Scriptures (both Old and New Testament writings), the Sacraments, Moral Theology, Social Justice, Spirituality and Prayer, Community Development, and lots more.

The speakers are experts in their fields with many being familiar names such as Vincent Nichols, Brian Newns, Patrick Kelly, Derek Worlock, Ernest Sands, Charles Curran and Aelred Smith who are easy and interesting to listen to. Father Kevin Kelly, who was the Founding Director of the Upholland Northern Institute, writes: "Unitapes are a very valuable tool for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of the faith at this momentous time. They will bring encouragement, fresh insight, and hope to many".

The talks are available free online at www.unitape.org where there is also a downloadable PDF of the catalogue of all 800 recordings. CD versions are also available at cost price, approximately £3 each.