Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina (which is Latin for "Divine Reading") is a new way of praying. Actually, it's not new at all, but as old as the hills, going right back to the early Church and even further back into Old Testament times; but it has recently become very fashionable, if one can use that word with regard to prayer.

(Check out Lectio Divina on YouTube: Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto is a good one to follow.)

It's as comfortable a way of praying as you will ever come across, like an old pair of slippers or your favourite easy chair. No big effort, no uncomfortable position, no straining of the mind - just a willingness to give over some of your time to God. Sitting comfortably, you take a short piece of Scripture and let it talk to you, for it is, after all, the Living Word of God. You toss it around in your mind, letting it take you where it wills, remembering all the time that you are in communion with God and it is He who is leading you. Read and set off on your journey; read it again and discover more; read it again and find yourself entering into the wonderful Self of God. You open yourself to God and He does not pass you by or leave you empty. This direct daily contact with Christ, the living Word of God, will give you that peace which He alone can give and relaxation of body as well.

A good idea with regard to Lectio Divina is to use the Sunday Mass Scriptures (take your Sunday Mass Sheet home with you each week and use it during the coming week) because there you have four short scripture passages for your reflection: the First Reading, the Psalm, the Second Reading, the Gospel (and even the brief Gospel Acclamation is nearly always taken from the scriptures). Work through them - one a day, not all four readings at once! - or go back time and time again to the Gospel passage. It will work the kind of wonders you will be amazed at, and when you next hear those scripture passages proclaimed at Mass they will pierce you to the marrow!

Lectio Divina! Go on - Give it a try!