Baptism preparation

Before agreeing a firm date with you for the celebration of your child's Baptism we ask that the parents (and the godparents too) attend a Baptism Preparation Course so that you will feel a little more confident and knowledgeable about your own Christian faith which you will promise to hand on to your child as he or she grows in the coming years.

The Baptism Preparation Course has been designed by the Archdiocesan Pastoral Formation Department and over the next few years is being introduced in every parish of the Archdiocese of Liverpool (and in many other Catholic dioceses throughout the world). The Baptism Preparation Course takes place four times a year (in March, June, September and December) and consists of three meetings over three consecutive Sundays, each meeting beginning with the parents and godparents joining the parish community for the celebration of Sunday Mass at 10.30am in Holy Family Church, Platt Bridge. (Please note that although the Preparation Course is being held at Holy Family, the actual Baptism of your child will take place in the church of the parish you actually live in, either Holy Family or Sacred Heart.) At Mass on the first Sunday we will welcome your family by name and also present you with a gift from the parish of a copy of the scriptures (a Bible). After the Mass on each of the three Sundays, all parents and godparents seeking Baptism for their children will then make their way across to Holy Family Parish Hall (just outside the church car park) for a meeting with our parish catechists which will last about an hour.

Choose whichever Baptism Preparation Course is most convenient for you but please let us know the date of the Course you will be attending by completing the relevant item on the back of the Application for Baptism Form which you can collect from Fr. Tony after Mass. Only upon completion of the Baptism Preparation Course will a definite date be agreed with you for the Baptism of your child.