Pope Francis on Baptism

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

All of you know the day you were born and celebrate your birthday, right? We all celebrate our birthday. I will ask you a question that I have asked other times before, but I will ask again: Who among you remembers the date of their Baptism? So let us do something: Today, when you return home, ask what day you were baptized. Because this is your second birthday: The first birthday is when you were born into life and the second birthday is when you were born into the Church. Will you do this?

Then let us ask ourselves: Is Baptism for me an event of the past, isolated in one date, that which you will search today, or a living reality, that concerns my present in every moment? Do you feel strong, with the strength given to you through Baptism by Christ with His death and His Resurrection? Or do you feel beaten, without strength. Do you feel illuminated, with that light that comes from Christ? Are you a man or woman of light? Or are you a dark person, without the light of Jesus? You must take the grace of Baptism, that is a gift, and become light for all!

Pope Francis

General Audience Address on 13th November 2013


While it is true that Baptism makes us to be children of God and members of the Church, it does a whole lot more besides! During this week why not spend some time reflecting on the following truths, based on what’s written in the Catechism of the Catholic Church - you can read it on the Vatican website at www.vatican.va

  • Baptism makes us members of one another;
  • Baptism reveals the equality and dignity of each member of the community;
  • Baptism requires us to reject sin and re-assess our values, decisions and lifestyles;
  • In Baptism we profess our commitment to the Church’s beliefs, values and vision;
  • Baptism invites us to a vocation to holiness and the practice of charity;
  • Baptism incorporates us into the life, death and resurrection of Christ and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in the world;
  • Baptism leads us to imitate Christ’s example;
  • Baptism make us disciples to the world;
  • Baptism calls us to live in the world while seeking the Kingdom in our daily lives