Holy Family - Update on Church Repairs

During the lockdown it was noticed that some areas of the church walls on the left hand side were "bubbling" causing the paint to flake off. On investigation this was found to be due to water seepage, which has now hopefully been remedied. After allowing time for the brickwork to dry, the affected areas will need to be replastered and repainted. We are waiting for a costing for this work.

The iron railings around the car park and the rear and right side of the church are showing signs of rust (one of the hinges on the main gates has already rusted through). They need to be treated and repainting. Weather permitting, this work was due to start this weekend at a cost of £3,800.

And the car park has been badly in need of resurfacing for a long time, the cost of which will be well in excess of £20K. Since we have now repaid the five-year loan for the interior repairs and renovation of the church, we hope the archdiocese will give us a new loan so that this work can take place.