Some Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions that are not answered here, please ask us. Remember that we're here to help you.

Should we have a Nuptial Mass?

If both parties are practicing Catholics, and both can receive Holy Communion, and if there are likely to be many guests at the wedding who would be able to receive Holy Communion, then the answer is: "Yes". Otherwise a ceremony without Mass may be more appropriate - it is in no way "second class", or any less impressive, and it does avoid any embarrassment for you and your guests at Communion time.

What about Flowers?

The Church is usually decorated with flowers anyway except in Advent and Lent, so there is no obligation on you or your family to provide additional ones. Flowers are often costly and may be an unnecessary expense. However, if you do wish to have your own flowers for your wedding you may do so, provided that, if your wedding is on a Saturday, the flowers are left in place over the weekend (except in Advent or Lent). Please ensure that such flowers are delivered in good time, preferably the day before your wedding. And please make sure that there is someone to arrange them for you - the responsibility for seeing that they are ready in time is yours, not ours. Sometimes parents or relatives like to do the arranging and we are happy for them to do so.

What about Music?

You should contact the organist and choir if you wish to book them for your wedding. (Contact telephone numbers are on the back page of this booklet). Nearer the time, you will want to discuss with them your choice of music which must be appropriate for a religious service. Hymns may be chosen from any of the many hymn books which are available in many churches. The organist will give you any help you may need in this regard. If you wish your own organist or singers to provide the music for your wedding then this is permitted - but inform the priest beforehand

Can we invite a Soloist to sing at our Wedding?

Yes, provided that what is sung is a religious song or hymn. But please make arrangements with the organist so that a rehearsal can be arranged. You may have to provide the music if the organist does not already have it available. The appropriate moment in the ceremony for such a solo is during the signing of the marriage registers.

What about the Readings?

The First Reading and the Gospel must be from the Bible and we will provide you with a selection from which you may choose your preferred readings. Sometimes a couple want a special poem or something similar read at their wedding. This may be possible at some point if it is deemed appropriate. You should discuss this with the Priest or Deacon who is to officiate at your wedding.

What about Photographs?

Your official photographer will be most welcome to take photographs before, during and after the ceremony, provided he/she acts reasonably and discreetly. Guests are asked not to take flash photographs during the ceremony because it is very distracting to everyone, not least to the couple getting married. All the church grounds are at your disposal, and if it is raining after your wedding, you may have the photos taken inside.

What about a Video or other recording?

The same rule applies to videos as to photographs, provided you or your video photographer accept any liability regarding copyright. Please ask your photographer to introduce himself to the priest beforehand.

What about Confetti?

Confetti is not allowed INSIDE the church or the church porch, and it is not encouraged outside because it can cause a terrible mess. Rice or rice paper type confetti is less objectionable because the birds will eat it!