Checklist for marriage arrangements

1. Date and time arranged and confirmed with the priest?

2. Registry Office informed on _________________________ (date)

3. Certificates to be collected from Registrar on _________________

4. Date of Preparation Meeting ______________________________

5. Baptism Certificates obtained?

6. Letter of Freedom obtained (if necessary)?

7. Prenuptial Form completed with priest?

8. All documentation handed to the church?

9. Music and Hymns chosen? Organist and singers booked?

10. Readings chosen? Who to read them?

11. Flowers ordered (if desired)? Who to arrange them?

12. Fees paid?

13. Date and time of rehearsal ________________________________

Are you printing a booklet for the Order of Service?

Please note that if you intend to have a booklet or sheet printed for your wedding containing the Order of Service then the layout of this should be discussed with the priest or deacon who is to marry you before it is printed to make sure that the right things are in the right place!