What we must do together

1. We will prepare together for your marriage by exploring its importance, its meaning and its consequences for each of you. The preparation will involve not just the clergy but also married couples who will share with you their own experiences of married life, and how best to prepare for living it. You will also meet the other couples who, just like you, are preparing to be married in our churches this year. The preparation will usually take place over a few hours on one or two Saturdays, as well as a meeting with the priest to complete paperwork, and a rehearsal a few days before your wedding. Please note that this preparation is not an option; it is an integral part of your wedding celebration so we will expect you to take part in it, even if you have to take time off work to be there.

2. We will prepare the ceremony together, which involves choosing the sort of ceremony you want, choosing the scripture readings, music, hymns, etc., and choosing who you want to be involved on the day.