Synod 2020



Every parish in the Archdiocese will be represented at the Synod in October 2020. Each parish priest will be a member of the Synod, together with one member of each parish. In the case of Holy Family Parish, Father Tony has invited Pearse McDonagh to serve as our delegate. Pearse will consult with parishioners, take their views and comments to the synod preparation meetings, and provide feedback to the parish from these meetings. He has already begun to get involved by attending one of the preliminary meetings held in the past few weeks.

There will also be eight additional delegates from each of the deaneries of the Archdiocese. Our delegates from the Wigan Deanery have yet to be nominated and/or chosen but will include two young people aged between 15 and 25 years, two delegates from the area of Catholic Education (Teacher Classroom Assistant, etc), one Deacon, someone involved in the Caring Services, someone with a background in Social Action (Justice and Peace, charitable outreach work, etc), and a further delegate to represent what is unique to the deanery, taking account of its ethnic and gender balance. All the delegates will be formally registered as such during December.

We’ll keep you informed of further progress as it’s made. But in the meantime, please hold Synod 2020 in prayer, asking for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit for its preparations, on its deliberations and in its future decisions.